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Marucci Protective Bundle - Team Store

Marucci Protective Bundle - Team Store

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Elevate your game with the Marucci Elite Protection Bundle, featuring the Marucci Duravent Helmet, Elbow Guard, and Sliding Mitt. Designed for serious baseball players, this bundle combines safety and performance.

Marucci Duravent Helmet: The Duravent Helmet offers excellent ventilation and lightweight protection. Its impact-resistant shell and padding safeguard against high-speed pitches, keeping you cool and protected.

Marucci Elbow Guard: Enhance your batting with the Marucci Elbow Guard. It provides high-impact resistance and a comfortable, adjustable fit, allowing full swing motion without compromising safety.

Marucci Sliding Mitt: The Sliding Mitt protects your hand and fingers during aggressive base running. Durable and padded, it ensures safety and agility on the field.

Ideal for Every Player: Suitable for all levels, the Marucci Elite Protection Bundle is perfect for players prioritizing safety and performance. Step onto the field confidently with this essential protective gear.

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