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2021 Demarini CF 30" 20oz(-10) USSSA 2 3/4" Baseball Bat CUSTOM - MVP Switch

2021 Demarini CF 30" 20oz(-10) USSSA 2 3/4" Baseball Bat CUSTOM - MVP Switch

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Elite players have preferred the CF Zen USSSA due to the CF’s patented construction. This two-piece composite baseball bat features Demarini’s state of the art 3 Fusion Connection and Paraflex Plus Composite handle. A powerful combination that allows for the maximum force at impact, without the negative hand vibration often found in one-piece bats.

The Paraflex Plus Composite is fabricated to deliver a huge sweet spot and maximum barrel control which combine to make the 2021 Demarini CF Zen USSSA one of the best performing composite bats in the drop 10 category. The updated end cap is built with a stronger blend of lighter materials to increase barrel performance and sweet spot surface area without creating an end loaded swing weight and feel.

If you are looking for a composite two-piece bat this season with a massive sweet spot and unmatched feel, then step up to the plate with the 2021 Demarini CF Zen drop 10.

Paraflex™ Plus Composite Barrel: Engineered for consistent responsiveness and a huge sweet spot

3Fusion Connection: The streamlined design allows for greater weight control and feel while continuing to reduce vibration and redirect energy back into the barrel.

ReAction End Cap: Built with a blend of stronger and lighter materials, this end cap increases barrel performance without sacrificing swing speed

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