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At Bat Club USA, membership makes premium equipment affordable and simple. Because just like stepping into the box, you shouldn’t have to overthink it. Just choose your bat, choose how you want to pay and #SWINGAWAY.

No long-term commitment with your membership.

No long-term commitment
Bat Club USA offers flexible memberships that allow members to use their equipment as long as needed. Use it for 1, 2 or even 12 months. Just simply send the item back and your commitment is complete!

Multiple ways to pay
We want everyone to be able to take advantage of Bat Club USA, regardless of finances. That's why we offer multiple ways to pay for your membership.

Multiple ways to pay for your membership.
Free Switch Period with every membership.

Free switch period
Place your order your with confidence knowing you have at least 30 days to try out your new equipment. If it's not perfect, simply contact Bat Club and we'll help you get the gear that is.

Low cost switch fee ***
Whether you've had your equipment for 6 months or 6 days, switching it for something else is easy. Just pay the switch fee and we will email you a return label to send back the old equipment, and ship your new item(s) right away. You can even swap for a different type of item, such as a bat for a glove if needed.

Low cost switch fees.

* Please note that switching equipment may change your monthly fee based on the make and model. You do not own the original order item unless you complete the buyout. 
** Bat Club USA reserves the right to ask for additional information such as proof of residency which may include a phone or power bill.
*** Switch fee will never exceed $50 for new subscriptions. Switch requests within the free switch period will be waived.

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