How it works

How does Bat Club USA work?
Bat Club is simple. By paying a small monthly fee, you get access to a brand new bat every 12 months. You have the option to pay monthly, or twice a year. You can switch your bat at any time for a fee of $50 or less.

Purchasing your bat at full price with Bat Club USA offers a few extra benefits as well. Unlike other retailers, Bat Club USA allows for:

  • 7 day worry free returns
  • Opened bat returns older than 7 days are accepted for a 70% restocking fee
  • Use Klarna at checkout for 0% financing up to 12 months for those that qualify

Do I own the bats?
At the end of your 12 month membership, You do not own the bat. If you want to keep the bat after the 12 months are complete, you can do so for a final payement based on the bat in your possession. To see the payoff amount, click here.

The final payoff can be avoided by returning the bat without damage that would void the manufacturer's warranty.

If you switch your bat, you do not own the original bat being switched out. You are expected to return it. If you fail to return the original bat, you are responsible for the full price of the bat calculated as 12 x monthly payment plus $100. 


Purchase questions

Can I return a bat I opened?
If you purchased your bat with Bat Club USA, we will accept returns for bats that have been opened. Opened bats must be return to Bat Club USA within 7 days of arrival for a full refund. The member will be responsible for shipping the bat back and providing Bat Club USA with tracking information showing date of shipment. 

Bats returned between 7 days to 6 months after the date of purchase will be subject to a re-stocking fee of 70% of the purchase price.  The remaining balance will be given as a store credit towards the purchase of another bat on BatClubUSA.com.

Can I buy the bat with a monthly payment?
For monthly payments for a purchase, you can utilize the Klarna slice your payment options. Klarna offers a Bat Club USA special of 0% interest for 12 months for purchases over $299.

What if I don't qualify for financing?
If you do not qualify for the Klarna financing, you have the option to purchase the bat with one payment or you can start a Bat Club USA membership. The membership is a 12 month commitment and you would be expected to return the bat at the end of the term or pay the buyout price.

What if I have warranty claim?
If you have purchased a bat from Bat Club USA and have processed your warranty claim with the manufacturer, You can send us a claim number and we will provide you with a label for your warranty shipping. Loaner bats are available.

How do I get a Loaner bat?
Loaner bats are for members only and come on a first come first serve basis and are based on availability.  Please contact membersupport@batclubusa.com for loaner availability and pricing. 


Membership questions

How does the payment plan work?
By paying a small monthly fee, you get access to a brand new bat every 12 months. You have the option to pay monthly, or twice a year. You can switch your bat at any time for a fee of $50 or less.

What is my initial payment? 
Your initial payment is dependent on the bat you are signing up for. Your first payment will include the first and last month subscription fee for the bat you choose.

When is payment taken out? 
The first payment is split into two parts. First month is taken when the bat is ordered and last month is taken when the bat is shipped. Subsequent payments will be automatically withdrawn from your account on the same day of each month.
EX. Bat is ordered on January 1: 
$30 payment is processed to reserve the bat and covers first month of payment
Bat ships January 3:
$30 payment is processed as last month payment
Remaining payments will be withdrawn on the 1st of each month until 12 total payments have been made and it is time to switch the bat. 

Why do you need a photo ID?
In order to process your order, Bat Club USA must verify the identity of the person placing the order and the location where the Bat Club USA Property will be kept.

How is my information protected?
Bat Club USA solely uses the information provided to verify the identity of the individual placing the order for the bat or glove. Your information will never be shared with third parties or other entities.

Is shipping included?
We offer free shipping for your initial membership.  For warranty claims under our protection plan, the member is responsible for shipping the bat back to Bat Club USA.

Can I purchase my bat? 
Yes. The price to purchase is calculated as 12 times your monthly payment plus $100 minus any payments made at the time of purchase.

Can I change my bat during my membership?
You can change your bat during your membership by prepaying the change fee at the start of your membership for $75 or paying the calculated switch fee if you decide to change bats during your term. You are expected to return the original bat. To initiate a bat switch, add this product to your cart along with the new bat of choice, or simply contact membersupport@batclubusa.com

Do I have to get the same bat every time?
No, you will be contacted two months before your bat is supposed to be returned to give you an opportunity to select a new bat or receive the same size and model. Changing bat and model may also change your monthly fee.

Can I cancel my membership?
By joining Bat Club USA, you agreed to a 12 month membership.  Memberships can be canceled anytime by paying the early termination fee (ETF). The ETF is made of the retail price of the current bat plus a 25% restock fee, minus the amount paid to date.


Equipment questions

Can other people use my bat?
Bat Club USA bats are meant for personal use only and are not meant to be shared. The member will be responsible for the full retail value of the bat minus monthly fees paid if damage is not covered under the existing manufacturer warranty.

What if my bat is cracked or dented?
Warranty claims should be processed through the manufacturer unless the Bat Club USA protection plan has been purchased.  Bat Club USA must be notified within 48 hours of warranty claims with claim number and package tracking information.  

What if I my warranty claim was denied by the manufacturer?
If the warranty claim is denied by the manufacturer due to actions by the member, the member will be fully responsible for the retail value of the bat minus any monthly fee paid.

What if I lose my bat?
The member will be responsible for the difference between the total monthly fees already paid and the full retail value of the bat. 

Can I buy the bats?
Yes. The price to purchase is calculated as 12 times your monthly payment plus $100 minus any payments already made. To see the payoff amount, click here.

How do I get the bats back to you?
Return shipping for non-warranty claims is included with each membership. Simply use the same box the bat came in drop it off at your local post office.  You are responsible for the bat and its condition until its return is documented in our system.

Can I return my bat early?
Yes. If you are wanting to switch to a new bat, you can do so by paying the switch fee. This will reset your membership for another 12 months and you must return the current bat.

If you are wanting to cancel your membership early and return your bat, you can pay the Early Termination Fee (ETF). The ETF is calculated as $20 for each remaining month of your 12 month term, or 75% of the remaining balance, whichever is lower.

What do you do with the returned bats?
Used bats are either sold or are donated to support baseball programs in low income areas to help grow the game of baseball.

What is the Bat Peak Performance Percentage(B3P) calculator?
Having a bat with “enough” pop is not good enough for us. We want to make sure that you are always getting the most out of your bat. The B3P calculator is a tool to help you determine the number of bats per year you will need to ensure you are covered by a peak performing bat.


Still have questions? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Buyout Pricing


Buyout pricing is determined by the retail price of the bat and the number of successful payments by the member prior to purchase


Purchase Price Payment Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Month 9 Month 10 Month 11 Month 12
$179.99 N/A - - - - - - - - - - - -
$199.99 N/A - - - - - - - - - - - -
$215.99 $20.00 $206.32 $196.66 $186.99 $177.33 $167.66 $158.00 $148.33 $138.66 $129.00 $119.33 $109.67 $100.00
$239.99 $21.00 $228.32 $216.66 $204.99 $193.33 $181.66 $170.00 $158.33 $146.66 $135.00 $123.33 $111.67 $100.00
$269.99 $25.00 $255.82 $241.66 $227.49 $213.33 $199.16 $185.00 $170.83 $156.66 $142.50 $128.33 $114.17 $100.00
$299.99 $28.00 $283.32 $266.66 $249.99 $233.33 $216.66 $200.00 $183.33 $166.66 $150.00 $133.33 $116.67 $100.00
$360.00 $30.00 $338.33 $316.67 $295.00 $273.33 $251.67 $230.00 $208.33 $186.67 $165.00 $143.33 $121.67 $100.00
$359.99 $32.00 $338.32 $316.66 $294.99 $273.33 $251.66 $230.00 $208.33 $186.66 $165.00 $143.33 $121.67 $100.00
$399.99 $34.50 $393.32 $366.66 $339.99 $313.33 $286.66 $260.00 $233.33 $206.66 $180.00 $153.33 $126.67 $100.00
$419.99 $37.00 $393.32 $366.66 $339.99 $313.33 $286.66 $260.00 $233.33 $206.66 $180.00 $153.33 $126.67 $100.00
$459.99 $39.00 $420.82 $364.16 $337.49 $310.83 $284.16 $257.50 $230.83 $204.16 $177.50 $150.83 $124.17 $100.00
$499.99 $42.75 $466.66 $433.33 $399.99 $366.66 $333.33 $300.00 $266.66 $233.33 $200.00 $166.67 $133.33 $100.00
$539.99 $48.00 $503.32 $466.66 $429.99 $393.33 $356.66 $320.00 $283.33 $246.66 $210.00 $173.33 $136.67 $100.00
$599.99 $55.00 $558.32 $516.66 $474.99 $433.33 $391.66 $350.00 $308.33 $266.66 $225.00 $183.33 $141.67 $100.00
Twice per year
$215.99 $85.50 $130.49 $135.22 $139.96 $144.69 $149.42 $154.15 $73.39 $75.88 $78.37 $80.86 $83.35 $85.84
$269.99 $107.99 $162.00 $167.00 $172.00 $177.00 $182.00 $187.00 $84.01 $86.45 $88.89 $91.33 $93.77 $96.21
$299.99 $120.00 $179.99 $184.99 $189.99 $194.99 $199.99 $204.99 $89.99 $92.35 $94.71 $97.08 $99.44 $101.80
$359.99 $140.00 $219.99 $224.47 $228.95 $233.44 $237.92 $242.40 $106.88 $108.97 $111.05 $113.14 $115.23 $117.31
$419.99 $162.00 $257.99 $262.34 $266.69 $271.04 $275.40 $279.75 $122.10 $124.09 $126.07 $128.06 $130.04 $132.03
$499.99 $175.00 $324.99 $328.51 $332.03 $335.55 $339.08 $342.60 $171.12 $172.93 $174.75 $176.57 $178.38 $180.20
$539.99 $210.00 $329.99 $334.32 $338.65 $342.98 $347.31 $351.64 $145.96 $147.82 $149.68 $151.54 $153.40 $155.26
$599.99 $239.99 $360.00 $362.89 $365.79 $368.68 $371.58 $374.47 $137.38 $138.46 $139.54 $140.62 $141.70 $142.78