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2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited (-11) Fastpitch Bat

2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited (-11) Fastpitch Bat

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Featuring the latest in bat design innovation, the Easton 2023 Ghost Unlimited fastpitch bat is here to level up your game. As the first one-piece bat in the Ghost family, the Ghost Unlimited offers more ways to optimize your offense than ever before. 
You'll get the lowest barrel compression on the market thanks to our new Sonic Comp Max technology too. This innovative tech gives you the highest-performing, most durable composite material - and an iconic sound that will command the attention of everyone around. In addition, this bat also has an inventive VRS1 internal connection joint where the inner and outer barrel meet. As a result you'll get an ultra lightweight feel and optimal impact performance across the length of the extended double barrel with every cut. That turns more mishits into base knocks and more flyballs into home runs! 
The Ghost Unlimited fastpitch bat is already packed with performance, but our Power Boost Soft Knob Technology is the icing on the cake. This new end-knob design gives you more leverage and a more comfortable swing. Finally, its premium Flow-Tack grip gives you unprecedented tack, so it can outperform every other bat on the field. 
  • Barrel Diameter:2 1/4 in
  • Barrel Length:1" Longer Double Barrel EXT
  • Certification:All Association
  • Drop:-11
  • End:Concave End Cap
  • Frame:1-Piece Composite - VRS1 Lightweight Internal Connection Point
  • Grip:Flow-Tack Grip
  • Handle:Ultra-Thin 29/32” Handle
  • Level:College/High School
  • Material:Composite
  • Series:Ghost
  • Sport:Softball
  • Technology:Sonic Comp™ Max
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Year Released:2023
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