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2023 AxeBat Avenge Pro HYBRID (-3) BBCOR BASEBALL Bat 130K

2023 AxeBat Avenge Pro HYBRID (-3) BBCOR BASEBALL Bat 130K

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Drop: -3

Certification: BBCOR

2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat
The all-new 2nd generation 2023 Avenge Pro Hybrid delivers ultimate power and raises the bar for BBCOR. An already massive sweet spot has been increased to insane levels. We have made the barrel larger and extended the maximum .500 BBCOR performance zone, especially in the vital area towards the end of the bat where swing speeds are highest. A new, stiffer, 3-piece handle design increases power transfer to the ball and virtually eliminates vibration. Designed to be accessible to all BBCOR hitters, the Avenge Pro Hybrid offers a power swing weight that bringsthe boom.

What Makes It 2ndGen Avenge Pro Hybrid:

•Hottest barrel at the max limit

•Largest sweet spot grew even longer

•Barrel size increased to our biggest barrel

•Extended max .500 BBCOR performance zone

•Stiffer handle for power transfer andresponse

•3-Piece technology virtually eliminates vibration

•Power swing weight, accessible to all


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