Performance Calculator

THE RIGHT BAT The right bat is crucial for a hitter to gain consistency at the plate. Bat Club USA wants to ensure that you select the right bat with the perfect weight, length and price to optimize your performance. There are some key specifications to consider when choosing a bat. 

League Requirements:
Different leagues such as Little League limit the size of the barrel on the bat. Always ensure that the bat you select meets your league requirements.

Having the right length is a key to consistently hitting the ball on the sweet spot. One inch is the difference between a line drive and a weak ground ball. The length of the bat will also affect the weight of the bat and the players ability to drive the ball.

To get the most force from your bat, you need the right weight to reach the perfect swing speed. Too heavy and slow or fast but too light will lead to a missed opportunity to reach peak performance.



Alloy versus Composite chart