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Our Story

Bat Club USA was founded for a simple reason. Every hitter deserves to use the best bat.

Our founders Erik and Oscar have been around the game of baseball for the past 20+ years. Both of Cuban descent, baseball played a vital role in their lives as they grew up in Miami. Oscar played organized baseball through high school, and Erik continued playing through college and professionally for the Toronto Blue Jays. After hanging up the cleats on the field, both realized it was still important to continue their passion for the game by coaching and mentoring the next generation of ball players and Erik was able to do so by opening his own academy in South Florida.

As they coached and observed different teams and leagues, one aspect kept playing a vital role in the outcome of the game, the bats. The players repeatedly noticed the bats their opponents had and felt as if they were down 1-0 before the first pitch. For the parents, this caused frustration because for them, every detail counts. So when it comes to the bats, they want their kids to have the best, and they also knew that as the children grew, so did the cost of the bats they use becoming more unattainable.

That's why we founded Bat Club USA. We believe every hitter should have access to the best bats, regardless of cost. So we stepped up to the plate, and created a cost effective alternative to purchasing a bat. With our low cost monthly leases, every hitter can step up to the plate with confidence knowing they have the best bat for them, and they can focus hitting that 2-0 fastball.


Who we are

   Erik Rico baseball card
Erik Rico
Position: Co-founder / CEO
Throws: Left
Bat Size: 34/31
Tendency: Line drive hitter with power to right field
Favorite baseball play: Hustling triple

Erik loves everything about the game of baseball. In high school, he would go to other local games just to scout the opposing hitters before his own team played them. That drive earned him a spot on the Cornell baseball team where he excelled. He earned Ivy league player of the year and has even been inducted into the school's athletic Hall of Fame. But his passion has not fizzled since he hung up his own cleats in favor of those of boys and girls in his hometown. Erik continues to be a player's coach making sure he emphasizes the love of the game beyond anything else he teaches. 

  Oscar Llarena baseball card
Oscar Llarena
Position: Co-founder / CMO
Throws: Right
Bat Size: 34/31
Tendency: Gap hitter with power to right-center field
Favorite baseball play: Hit and run

Oscar’s love for the game began at a young age. In fact, Oscar and Erik played ball together from elementary school all the way through high school and are still the best of friends. After college, Oscar was drafted by one of the top advertising agencies where he was part of All-star teams for clients such as Volkswagen, Burger King and Coke Zero before testing free agency and working on brands such as Whole Foods, Staples, UPS and 7Eleven amongst others.