Bat Club USA Membership details

At Bat Club USA, we want to make premium equipment affordable and simple. Just like when you step to the plate, we don't want you to have to overthink your membership. Just choose your bat and how you want to make payments.

1 year commitment

When you join Bat Club, your membership lasts for 12 months. Each time you swap your bat, the 12 months start over. You can always cancel early for an additional fee.

Multiple ways to pay

Bat Club wants to make sure everyone has the ability to become a member regardless of their financial situation. We offer multiple ways you can pay for your membership.

No credit needed

No Credit Needed

All you need is a valid address, date of birth and debit or credit card and we will charge your card monthly.

semi-annual payments

Semi-annual Payments

Save 10% over the term of your membership by paying half today and paying the remainder of your balance in 6 months.

PayPal financing


Apply to finance your bat using PayPal and get the best rates for your monthly costs.

Switching is easy.

1 bat plan

Whether you have had your bat for 6 months or 6 days, switching it for another bat is simple. Just pay the $100 switch fee and we will ship your new bat with a return label for you to send back the old one. You can even swap a baseball bat for a softball bat if needed.

*With each cycle, members have the freedom to adjust the bat model and/or size as needed. Please note that switching bats may change your monthly fee based on the make and model. All contract terms are 12 months in length. 

Send us an email to hear about our team plans.