It's Time to ADAPT!

Posted by Bat Club USA on Sep 29th 2020

Time to ADAPT!

The amateur sports landscape is highly competitive! Athletes spend countless hours and parents spend their hard-earned money on the physical components of their selected sport(s). However, athletics have inherent stressors and mental challenges that directly affect the physical aspects. A highly trained athlete with limited ability to navigate the mental game will fail to experience their full athletic capability.

The mental game is a PROACTIVE strategy. While others will use mental skills as a REACTIONARY tool, the athletes, coaches, and parents who work with ADAPT will learn how to stay a step ahead of their competition on and off the field! In the coming months, we will be covering a wide range of topics that include (but not limited to):

  • Personal Mission
  • Mindset
  • Mental Skills
  • Behavior
  • Practice Design

We will be utilizing multiple platforms to communicate the highest, most in depth, content available!
The format will include:

  • Monday Motivational video clips: Short 1-3 minute videos that will focus on various quotes, stories, or ideas that will help kick start your week!
  • "Time to ADAPT": As a subscriber, you will get an exclusive weekly email from Bat Club, where we will covers a main topic. In addition, we will offer strategies, discussion ideas, and challenges to help you become the best version of YOU!
  • Monthly Facebook Live Sessions: ADAPT will host 2-4 FB live sessions each month that will dive deeper into various mental skills, behavior, and coaching/parenting topics. We will also answer any questions our members have at this time.
  • Internal Podcast: We are in the process of developing a Podcast that will be available ONLY to our Bat Club USA subscribers. This will enable our members to have access to content on the go!

In addition to the content distribution, we will be featuring special guests ranging from current/former Major League players, Pro Scouts, college coaches, and professional coaches. We will dig into various aspects of player development, mindset, the draft process, and selecting the right college!

As you can see, there will be A TON of information at your disposal! Our goal is to bring ideas and concepts to light that will help players, parents, and coaches using a holistic approach.

We can’t wait to bring it to you!

Shaun and Denise Larkin

ADAPT Skill and Behavioral Training

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Bat Club USA was founded for a simple reason. Every athlete deserves to use the best equipment.
Our founders Erik and Oscar have been around the game of baseball for the past 20+ years. Both of Cuban descent, baseball played a vital role in their lives as they grew up in Miami. Oscar played organized baseball through high school, and Erik continued playing through college and professionally for the Toronto Blue Jays. After hanging up the cleats on the field, both realized it was still important to continue their passion for the game by coaching and mentoring the next generation of ball players and Erik was able to do so by opening his own academy in South Florida.