A letter from our CEO

Posted by Bat Club USA on Feb 3rd 2021

Dear Valued Members,

We are constantly looking for ways to increase value for our members to create the best experience possible. We have made some changes to the program with our new and improved website that will streamline our processes to better serve you. Switching bats, renewing memberships, getting account information, and using your site credits will be much easier with our new platform. I am confident that these major improvements will add value to your Bat Club USA membership.

These changes will not impact your current active subscription. They will, however, be important when you switch or renew your current membership.

Enhanced Membership Levels and Price Adjustments

We have adjusted the prices of our monthly memberships for swift switches, better shipping options, automated service from our website, and even buyout discounts.


$9.99 monthly with your subscription

  • $30 SWITCH FEE


$12.99 monthly with your subscription

  • $20 SWITCH FEE

Moving forward, all switches and new orders will require you to add one of these two options to any item with monthly or bi-annual payments when checking out. We have done our best to minimize the financial impact to you, our customers by adjusting our bat pricing so that prices are minimally increased, while allowing the Bat Club staff to focus more on the service side of your membership.

Here is an example of our new changes; a member with a Demarini CF or Easton Dual Stamped Ghost with an All-Star membership would see their monthly price slightly increase from $49.99 per month ($44 for the bat + $5.99 for the All-Star benefits) to $52.99 per month ($40 for the bat + $12.99 for the All-Star Benefits) to accommodate the newly added perks.

We’re certain that the additional benefits below will be worth the few extra dollars per month:

Members Only Return Policy on ancillary items (Not including bats)Returns only accepted if unused and in original condition with packagingAny open and used can be returned for a site credit if returned within 90 days of purchase
Referral Credit ProgramUnavailableRolling out in February
Maximum Demo Period90 Days150 Days
Renewal CreditsUnavailableComing Soon
Member-only specialsUnavailableComing Soon
90 day discounted purchase optionUnavailableIncluded
All-Star CreditBalance only available through the member support team

Could not be used towards monthly payments

Balance available in member account (Coming Soon)

Can be used for monthly payments

Discounted mental skills and training bundlesUnavailableAvailable with each membership
Lost/Stolen Item ProtectionUnavailableAvailable for purchase


In order for us to ensure that members can switch their bat without spending any time without a bat, we have made changes to our previous switch policies. Switches will be treated as a new subscription, and will now require that the switch fee if applicable, first and last month’s payment are made at the time of the switch. The first and last monthly payments are needed because members will have two items in their possession so the switch will be treated as a new membership until the old item is returned. Once the old item is returned, your old subscription's last month’s payment and any payment made during that month will be refunded.

Membership Terms and Buyouts

Membership terms will now be treated as a 24 month term, with the option to cancel at any time without penalty after making 12 payments. Canceling does include returning the item unless you plan to complete a buyout. Members that have exceeded their 12-month minimum will still be able to renew for a new bat at any time free of charge regardless of the condition. Yes, even if it is broken.

Buyout pricing has been adjusted to align better with our membership approach to Bat Club USA. Members who renew will be rewarded with the ability to buy their current item by making a final 13th payment equal or less than their monthly subscription cost. Non-renewing members will still have the option to buy out their bat, but will be responsible for paying the remaining balance based on 24 months of equal payments.

We are excited for what 2021 has to bring and look forward to seeing everyone getting back on the field soon! Any other questions or concerns please email membersupport@batclubusa.com and we would be more than happy to assist you!


Erik Rico


Bat Club USA

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Bat Club USA was founded for a simple reason. Every athlete deserves to use the best equipment.
Our founders Erik and Oscar have been around the game of baseball for the past 20+ years. Both of Cuban descent, baseball played a vital role in their lives as they grew up in Miami. Oscar played organized baseball through high school, and Erik continued playing through college and professionally for the Toronto Blue Jays. After hanging up the cleats on the field, both realized it was still important to continue their passion for the game by coaching and mentoring the next generation of ball players and Erik was able to do so by opening his own academy in South Florida.