A letter from our CEO

Posted by Bat Club USA on Feb 3rd 2021

Dear Valued Members,We are constantly looking for ways to increase value for our members to create the best experience possible. We have made some changes to the program with our new and improved webs … read more
Pillars for Success - 3Ms by ADAPT

Posted by Shaun Larkin on Jan 30th 2021

As we begin diving into various topics related to player performance, coaching, and parenting young athletes, we wanted to share the 3 pillars of ADAPT.MISSION - We strongly support defining your "WHY … read more

Posted by Shaun Larkin on Jan 30th 2021

TIME TO ADAPT!Some of you have been to one of our ADAPT workshops. Depending on which you attended, you may have been a part of our discussion regarding how the environment/context have a direct corre … read more
It's Time to ADAPT!

Posted by Shaun Larkin on Sep 29th 2020

Time to ADAPT!The amateur sports landscape is highly competitive! Athletes spend countless hours and parents spend their hard-earned money on the physical components of their selected sport(s). Howeve … read more
An Introduction to Iron Orr Fitness

Posted by Iron Orr Team on Sep 29th 2020

Bat Club has partnered with Iron Orr Fitness to create customized workouts for our members. Below is a sample of the type of workouts to expect from the IO team.To get access to new workouts weekly, a … read more
Finding the perfect baseball bat

Posted by Erik Rico on Sep 29th 2020

Just a few inches inches. That is all you have to create the most efficient collision between the bat and the ball. Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in sports. As a hitter, you ha … read more