Length is the most noticeable difference between softball and baseball bats. And, contrary to what many would guess, baseball bats are actually the shorter of the two. Most baseball bats are roughly one inch shorter than the average softball bat.


Another significant difference is the weight of the bat. Weight is heavily dependent on the type of league being played as well as the size of the player. Finding the right size of bat, for both softball and baseball, is going to require some idea of what the player is capable of swinging comfortably.


Another visible difference between softball and baseball bats is the barrel diameter. Baseball bats are going to have a wider barrel than softball bats. Along with the barrel diameter, the stiffness of a bat will also vary from softball to baseball bats. Since baseballs and softballs are made from such different materials, the elasticity of the bat needs to vary based on the material that it’s hitting.

Help Finding the Right Bat

If you’re still not entirely sure what type or size of bat you need, the team at Bat Club USA can help. Check out our bat sizing guide that helps you narrow down the right bat based on the player's weight and height. If you still need help after looking over the guide, reach out to our team and we’ll work with you to ensure the right size bat is selected.

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A Bat Club USA membership means that you can get the newest brands on the market without having to pay an arm and a leg. Memberships provide you with the opportunity to pay off your bat as you’re able to, return bats if they aren’t the right fit, and so much more. Learn more about our membership plans today and sign up so that you can order your new bat.

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