Axe Bats

When you’re looking for a bat that can help enhance swing speed and overall swing performance, Axe Bat is the brand to turn to. Axe Bat is known for building bats that are designed specifically to enhance a player’s swing, and they do so by engineering the bat from the handle to the end cap. 

The design of bats manufactured by Axe Bats will all have one notable design difference: the lack of a round knob. For more than 140 years, players have used bats that have a round knob handle. While this has been used for decades upon decades, the design was less of a design and more of a last resort based on what was plausible back when bats were initially being mass-produced. At that time, bats were being made with the same equipment that table legs, candlesticks, and old-fashioned cookware were made with. 

Given that technology has made some serious advances, it’s curious that the design of bats hasn’t evolved much at all. Axe Bat started to look into the design of a bat and the way that the round knob handle affected the swing of a player, and that’s when the Axe Bat design came to fruition. 

Axe Bats have an Axe Handle™ design that mimics the grip of an axe. This design provides a design that helps players get a better grip on the handle, allowing them to increase their swing speed and overall barrel control. All in all, the improved design helps players move in a more natural way while swinging. 

When looking for a bat that has evolved along with the game, you can’t go wrong with an Axe Bat. Browse the selection of Axe Bat baseball bats and Axe Bat softball bats available online through Bat Club USA. Learn more about the various membership plans that we offer and start taking advantage of low-priced baseball and softball equipment today.

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  • 2020 AxeBat AVENGE Composite BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat 2020 AxeBat AVENGE Composite BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

    2020 AxeBat AVENGE Composite BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat